Tradition and technology

Farms and Citrus production

We invest the most modern farming technology in our own FARMS to ensure the best quality and maximum respect for the environment and health, supported by international and acknowledged quality certifications.

We produce differenet CITRUS VARIETIES of clementines, mandarines, satsumas and oranges: Clausellina, Okitsu Satsuma, Satsumas and Clementines nucellar of first maturation, Novas (Mandarin or Clemenvilla), Fortunes, and Ellendales Ortaniques, Salustianas Navelinas and gilts, Late Navel, Navel Lane Late and Valencia Late...

We also maintain experimental plantations, to test early or late orange and Clementine new varieties, searching for improvements in size, appearance and taste to improve our products, being at the forefront of the citrus industry in that sense.

Finally, we supplement our production with that of a group of associated farmers with whom we have forged a strong business relationship by years of collaboration, grouped in an Agrarian Transformation Society, subsidiary of JUAN OLASO S.A. In addition to export their citrus crops, we assume the management of their farms, to ensure its quality for our customers.